Workers Compensation Lawyers for Your Workplace Accident

Being injured on the job can result in more than just medical bills. It can also mean lost earnings, lost opportunities for promotion, and retaliation by your employer after you file a workers compensation claim. A workers compensation lawyer can help.

If you work for one of the thousands of nationwide companies that do not subscribe to a workers compensation insurance plan, it will also mean fighting directly with your employer to get your workplace accident expenses covered.

For any worker, that can be tough. If English is not your primary language, it may seem nearly impossible. Yet another reason a workers compensation lawyer will be valuable.

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Experienced workers comp lawyers

Workers Comp attorneys at Fibich Hampton have been helping injured workers recover money damages for more than twenty years. Our trial lawyers understand how complicated a workers compensation case can become when an injured worker has to stand alone against a large corporation.

Who is standing with You?

Big companies have a team of insurance attorneys. Our workers compensation lawyers will handle everything for you. From initial investigation of your accident and injury, through final negotiations of a settlement with the responsible parties, we are there for you.

We are recognized for providing straightforward, open communication about how your case is progressing and how your decisions will affect the final outcome. You have enough on your mind.  You can focus on healing and we focus on what you need now and in the future.  We believe that you deserve to have a workers compensation lawyer who will fight aggressively to represent you.

Types of Injuries and Claims

There are many different types of injuries that impact workers. Some of the variations include:

  • Partial incapacity
  • Permanenet total incapacity
  • Loss of function
  • Permanent lost of function and disfigurement
  • Temporary total incapacity

Ways our team of attorneys can help you

You may a variety of assistance with different issues over the duration of your injury:

  • If you have a denial of a workers comp claim
  • Filing a workers compensation claim
  • Attending a workers comp hearing
  • Preparing for a Hearing Review Board meeting
  • Negotiating lump sum settlement
  • Dealing with an arbitration requirement
  • If your benefits get reduced or are stopped
  • and other variable reporting requirements

Let our workers compensation attorneys deal with all the fine print and legal negotiations.  We want to stand by you to get the best results possible.

Non-workers comp cases

Thousands of workers work for employers that do not subscribe to a worker's compensation insurance program. A non-subscribing employer will not be allowed to show that the accident or injury was partially your own fault. Even if your employer was only 1% responsible for the accident, you may be entitled to receive full and fair money damages for your injuries.

Let us help you when you need it most

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We handle all job injury lawsuits on contingency. If you do not receive money damages for your workers comp injury, you will not pay attorney's fees.


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