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Oilfield Worker? Are you getting paid for ALL your hours worked?

Oilfield workers should be paid wages for all of the time they spend doing job-related tasks that benefit their employer.  This includes time spent in training, attending pre- or post-shift meetings and traveling at the location to the specific worksites.

Training & meetings should be paid time

Training and attending meetings are part of an oilfield worker's job and should be paid. Oil field workers are required to attend training classes, appear for drug testing and attend participate in tool box meetings and safety meetings pre- or post-shift.  These activities result in a more skilled workforce and safety work environment – both of which benefit employers.  Accordingly, the law requires that oilfield employees be paid for the time they spend engaging in these required tasks.

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Oil field worker wages for field mobilization

Oil field employees are due wages for mobilizing in the field.  Travel in the field to individual production sites is a necessary part of an oilfield employee’s work.  It benefits the employer by allowing the employee to access the job site and perform required tasks.  As a result, employers should be paying their oilfield workers for mobilizing in the field.

To the extent oilfield employees work more than 40 hours in a work week doing their primary tasks or those listed above, the employer is required under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to pay the employee over time pay at 1 ½ times the employee’s normal hourly wage.

Some employers have failed to calculate pay and overtime correcting in the past, causing many oilfield workers to lose pay they earned.

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